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Welcome to the Sodexo family portal Luxembourg,

dedicated to catering at the Kirchberg European School


Starting the new year in Belgian colours!

To celebrate 2020, Europe on a plate is stopping by our Belgian neighbours for a recipe that guarantees rich flavours time after time.

In addition to the famous mussels and chips we all know and love, the panorama of flavours found in Belgian gastronomy is rich and varied. What particularly comes to mind is ‘beer-braised rabbit’, ‘Flemish stew’ and, for sweeter flavours, ‘Café liégeois’ or ‘Flemish tart’.

For the European School children, our chef prepared Waterzoï which means ‘boiling water’ in Dutch, a dish from Ghent. It’s made with chicken, carrots, leeks and rice for carbohydrate intake. This balanced dish was accompanied by a Belgian waffle for dessert – much to the delight of the pupils!